Karin fixes the payroll

Karin fixes the payroll

Karin Åknert works as a payroll administrator in Weland's financial department. She has worked here for two years, ensuring that the company's employees get their wages paid – an important job, in other words!

"I am responsible for all of the staff, in roughly half of the Weland Group's 34 companies, receiving their wages," Karin says. "This involves many different tasks: authorising times, uploading schedules, sending wages files and other payments to the bank, reporting to Collectum/Fora, sending statistics to SCB and having contact with various authorities. I also create and update contracts of employment, answer questions and solve problems that arise with both the staff and corporate management."

"My working days appear differently depending on where we are in the month," Karin says. "At the start of the month, I ensure that all the times are authorised, so I can do the final authorisation. I also ensure that I receive all the other documentation, such as travel expenses, receipts and so on. After that, I start reporting in all of the different companies. Among other things, I run time files from Monitor.

When the payroll is ready, it has to be reported to various bodies, such as the trade union, Collectum, the Swedish Tax Agency and Försäkringskassan. I enter payments and answer questions. My working days vary a great deal – I can come to work in the morning with a plan but later, when I go home, I haven't done any of that, because so many other things have intervened."

"The most interesting aspect of my job is the fact that it is so varying, with different companies that have different solutions," Karin says. "You learn something new every day. One example is the challenges that the pandemic has brought with it, which has been a completely new situation for all of us. It is also interesting to solve the various problems that can arise."

What is the most important aspect of your job? "That the wages are ready and arrive at the bank in time. Otherwise, things can get rather intense..."

Published: 19/04/2021