Henric values variety and quality

Henric Johansson has worked in sales of sheet metal working at Weland for 4.5 years. In this article, Henric explains what quality means to him, his responsibility as a salesman and why quality and sustainability has made Weland a leading supplier of sheet metal working.

- My job in sales at Weland AB is to count and sell new jobs to existing and new customers within sheet metal working, such as laser cutting, tube laser cutting, bending, machining and welding. An important part of my job is also to ensure that we maintain a good relationship with customers and suppliers and provide the service they expect from us at Weland.

-My workdays are very varied. One day, I am selling small details to a small company in one of the neighboring villages that needs a new jacket hook, and the next, I am selling complete parts to a world-leading seed machine manufacturer.

High quality at all levels
- Quality is a must when it comes to most things in my opinion. Our customers trust that we deliver the quality that is offered and that they expect from Weland. We offer Swedish-made products of the highest quality with short delivery times. Weland has many skilled technicians who know our machines and our production by heart and ensure that we maintain high quality at all levels. However, it is important to not only look at details and physical products. Quality can be so much more - good service, easily accessible support or to really care and understand the customer.

Sustainable - today and in the future
- Sustainability thinking is important partly from an environmental perspective, to handle waste in the right way, but at the same time, it is important that a relationship or a way of working is sustainable in the long run. To not only see something for the moment, but to think about the long-term. What is the effect for a year, ten years, a hundred years? What we do today lays the foundation for future generations, both at Weland and in the world.

Varied and inspiring work
- From the outside, I think that many people experience sheet metal processing as a traditional industry where you do as you have always done, which is definitely not true. There are many different innovative companies, methods and inspiring people in the industry, not to mention the incredible variety of details. Weland today offers over 200,000 article numbers with customer-unique articles, everything from small round trays in coin size to complete large chassis and forest machines that are 6 meters long. Our modern machine park gives us great capacity and the opportunity to meet the customer's specific wishes.

Varying tasks
- Having such a varied job is an incredible privilege. No two days are alike. Weland has a strategy that no customer is too small, which I think is fantastic. These are some of the reasons why I enjoy and have fun at work, but also one of the challenges – the multi-tasking. I see challenges as an opportunity to improve and develop, both as a person, but also for Weland as a company.

Published: 11/11/2020