Anti-slip for safe pedestrian traffic

Winter is on its way and that means snow and ice. Weland offers a comprehensive range of anti-slip products that increase safety in a variety of settings and locations. Weland has anti-slip products for gratings and metal anti-slip strips. Although the products are specifically designed for use with Weland's range, they may also be used in other contexts. The products are available in varying designs for a wide range of uses.

Anti-slip protection on stairs

Metal anti-slip strips and anti-slip stair nosings can be installed to reduce the risk of slipping on stairs and other surfaces. The strips have punched holes that increase slip resistance and they are firmly screwed to the substrate.

Anti-slip protection for grating

Damp and ice can make grating very slippery during the winter months. Weland's anti-slip protection for grating reduces the risk of slip accidents. The product locks easily into place on the grating without the need for any tools. The upper side has holes with raised edges that provide good slip resistance. Weland's range also includes an anti-slip attachment with a black brush for gratings.

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Published: 06/11/2018