Cantilever racks for Swea Rör AB

Swea Rör & Stål AB in Halmstad has engaged Weland AB to supply and assemble a large number of cantilever racks in its warehouse. The double cantilever racking is part of Weland's standard range. This means we are able to offer short delivery times.

Swea Rör & Stål AB is a subsidiary of one of Europe's largest privately-owned pipe wholesalers, the Bianco Group. The company's head office and warehouse are located in Halmstad in Sweden. They occupy an area of 9,300 m² and most types of piping, including hot and cold-formed construction pipes, seamless hot-rolled steel pipes and hollow bars, are stocked in the warehouse.

Efficient stock handling

Weland's cantilever racking has various properties that help make storage management more efficient in many ways. Thanks to the height of the storage system, the warehouse capacity can be fully utilised. There is easily room for larger batches of pipes with each arm length and a customised plastic fitting on the arms and feet helps to minimise the risk of the stocked goods becoming scratched. All arms are fitted with an end stop too. All materials are hot-dip galvanised.

Weland's cantilever racking provides an improved overview in the warehouse and makes the pipes more easily accessible.


Number: 27 cantilever racks
Total length: 130 metres
Cantilever rack height: 6,000 mm
Arm length: 750 mm
End stop height: 100 mm
Total depth: 1,900 mm

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Published: 20/08/2018