Gratings – the silent hero

Gratings are a type of product that many people associate with Weland. They are everyday heroes that warm the cockles of our hearts. You don’t really think about them - they're just there: on wheelchair ramps, at entrances, on staircases. They can be used almost anywhere and are capable of carrying huge weights, all quite unobtrusively.

What is a grating?

A grating is an industrial metal grid that comes in many different shapes and sizes. Usually, they are made from steel that has been welded together to form a weight-bearing grid. The way in which this is done gives you a grid with a high load-bearing capacity at a relatively low weight. It also creates a very durable product that can be used in many different environments. The load-bearing capacity of a grating increases the narrower the mesh width and the higher the bearing bars.

Weland gratings

Gratings form one of Weland's biggest and most well-known product categories. They are also used as treads and landings in our staircases, and as walkways in wheelchair ramps, gangways and mezzanines. As with all our products, Weland gratings are made in Sweden.

Our gratings are used for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. How a grating is to be used plays a significant role in determining its design, particularly in respect of mesh width, material, and surface treatment. Both load-bearing capacity and permeability (of light and objects) are important factors to take into account.

Weland produces both pressure welded and A-type gratings. You can find out more about this and the various components that make up our gratings on our gratings information page. Of course, we can also help you with planning your gratings.

Custom gratings

We have a large variety of grating products in stock, all with short delivery times. We also offer custom gratings, manufactured according to the customer’s specific needs and requirements. One example of this is flexible grating that is not restricted by any particular height or mesh width specifications. Other custom grating options include wide mesh grating, which is used for applications such as protective grilles, gates, and fencing, and heavy-duty grating, which finds its home in high use scenarios.

Grating is usually supplied in hot-dip galvanised steel. However, our custom concept opens the way for other designs and materials to be used. By employing flexible designs and materials such as Corten, aluminium, and copper, we create unique opportunities to produce something new and exceptional.

Gratings in Corten

Corten gratings.

Published: 28/09/2021