Carl Persson at Weland

Carl builds customer relations

As a salesperson at Weland AB, Carl Persson is in close contact with our customers. Service takes centre stage when creating long term customer relationships and living up to Weland’s excellent reputation. The goal is to exceed customers’ expectations. This year's goals also involve an elk.

Good service is the foundation

“The requests for quotes we receive can vary a lot,” says Carl. “It can be everything from steel staircases to small grating pieces for an entrance. But no matter the size of the quote requested, it is important to give the customer the highest possible level of service. All 12 members of our sales team strive to give customers the best possible service, from project start to the delivered product.

“Our goal should be to exceed the customer’s expectations when they buy from us,” says Carl. “Hopefully, this leads to long-term customer relationships.”

A strong brand

In the course of his interactions with customers, Carl has noted that Weland has a great reputation. “So it’s important to meet their expectations,” he says. “Customers must be able to trust that we can deliver on what we promise, and that our products are of a high quality.

The best thing about being a salesperson is that you get to be on board from the start of a project all the way to the finished product, and then seeing pictures of the final object with the products we supplied. “It’s great being able to feel that you're part of projects going on all round Sweden,” says Carl.

Elk the next target

Hunting is one of Carl’s passions, and he spends a lot of days out in the forest. “I’m hoping to bag my first elk this year,” he says. “But right now almost all my time is being spent on renovating a house my partner and I have just bought. We’ve renovated before, but not our own house. It’ll be fun to create our own home.”

Published: 07/09/2021