BIM - We are now expanding our range

At Weland, we are seeing a sharp increase in demand for BIM, Building Information Modelling, where the digitalisation of the construction industry is making it possible to achieve greater efficiencies and a sustainable construction process from the ground up. We are continuously driving developments through our day-to-day process of improving and managing information sharing. We are now expanding our range of BIM objects and adding to our stocked range of entrance gratings with frames as well as our outdoor furniture. Our sectional railing is already available under our BIM objects.

The future of information sharing is here

Weland works relentlessly to meet market needs. As a supplier, we think it is important to provide our designers, architects and draughtsmen with modern and simple tools for a more efficient and sustainable construction process. BIM simplifies and coordinates the construction process in a way that was previously impossible. With BIM objects, we offer the building industry an efficient solution that makes a completely digitalised information channel possible.

BIM – Visual model of reality

BIM is a digitalised end-to-end solution, designed for the construction industry, enabling objects to be downloaded and used by architects, engineers, draughtsmen and designers. The BIM model consists of several different components, BIM objects, that simplify the design stage, from idea to completed project. We include all data about our product, such as width, height, materials, assembly instructions and links, in a BIM object. At the concept stage, the designer can add our products to the drawing to enable a visual check prior to planning the project. All documentation pertaining to Weland's objects is then available throughout the construction process and long after the project has been completed.

Weland's objects can be downloaded here.

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Published: 08/05/2018