Weland AB


Weland AB is a stable family company with a factory and head office in Smålandsstenar, Sweden. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of spiral staircases, straight flight staircases, railings, gangways for the disabled, gangways, gratings and mezzanines. Weland is also one of Sweden's major actors in the sheet metal working sector.

Welcome to Weland AB

Our promise is to deliver the right quality products at the right time. Easy-to-assemble products and fast deliveries provide customers with the best overall value. Weland is committed to providing customers with products that meet their quality standards and ours too. With our own rational manufacturing, the customer should see us as a long-term, environmentally friendly supplier.

We know our products and are a reliable partner that customers can count on. Our workforce has a combined wealth of expertise and is able to assist customers with advice and instructions. We have a comprehensive range of stock to ensure rapid delivery.

Weland’s goal is the same today as it was when it began - to be a flexible company that provides the highest level of service to each and every customer. We have more than 70 years of experience of delivering personal service to our customers. Since the start in 1947, we have worked with tremendous drive and dedication to develop our products. Our production processes should be efficient and environmentally-friendly. All manufacturing takes place in Smålandsstenar where our facilities cover more than 100,000 m2 of floor space. 

We have been manufacturing pressure-welded grating, which is the backbone of Weland’s business, in Smålandsstenar since the 1950s. We are continuously expanding and developing our fleet of machinery to match future needs. Services we provide today include laser cutting of sheet metal, punching, folding and machining on a subcontract basis. At Weland, we always have our sights set on the future, while maintaining our customer focus.

History of Weland


Brothers-in-law Weland Andersson and Johannes Johannesson start up a small-scale workshop to manufacture wing nuts. This company was named Firma Vingmutter. They begin by leasing a workshop space of 35 sq.m.

They build an 80 sq.m. factory of their own.



The factory is extended by 50 sq.m. Johannes Johannesson sells his share of the business to Weland Andersson.

The company starts to manufacture gratings.



The business transforms into a limited company called Weland & Söner AB. The land on which Weland AB stands today is purchased. A 670 sq.m. factory is built.

The first manufacturing subsidiary is formed. Zinken Weland in Gothenburg.



The company has 150 employees and 20,000 sq.m. of factory space.

Weland Stål in Ulricehamn is formed as a new subsidiary.



Weland Medical - WeLoc becomes a subsidiary.

The company is renamed to its current name, Weland AB. Weland Plastic becomes a new subsidiary.



Maku Stål in Borås becomes a new subsidiary.

Weland Aluminium in Alvesta becomes a new subsidiary.



Industrireklam in Halmstad becomes a new subsidiary.

AT Installation and Skylink in Mölndal become new subsidiaries.



Zinken Weland in Ulricehamn becomes a new subsidiary.

An eventful year: Per Wikstrand in Mora and Weland Plåt in Taberg become subsidiaries. Weland AB invests in its first laser cutting machine and thus takes its first step towards becoming a leading sheet metal subcontractor.



Hylte Tryck in Hyltebruk becomes a subsidiary.

Hogstad Aluminium in Mjölby becomes a subsidiary.



KåBe-Mattan in Fjugesta becomes a subsidiary.

Omni Trafikmiljö becomes a subsidiary. Together with Weland Utemiljö and Weland Golf, they establish a platform for Weland Aluminium to enter a new market area.



Gremo in Ätran becomes a subsidiary with Weland AB as a key supplier of sheet metal components for their machinery.

Weland AB takes over Continental’s former tyre factory in Gislaved and forms the company hotel Weland Industricentrum. SP Maskiner in Ljungby becomes a subsidiary and Weland AB is a key supplier here too.



Weland AB becomes sole owner of the company now called Weland Solutions.

Eurovema Mobility becomes a subsidiary with Weland Plastic as a key supplier of plastic components.



Jonas Welandson takes over as CEO after Gösta Welandson.

Weland AB in Smålandsstenar has 300 employees and the new extension brings its total floor space to 80,000 sq.m.



Weland celebrates 70 years and builds new offices and staff rooms. A new era begins when Weland AB's production also takes place in other properties than just the main property.

Weland takes over Cargotec’s premises in Lidhult where Weland Welded Components begins operations as a newly-formed company.



AB Ivar Pettersson Järnmanufaktur in Smålandsstenar and Bendex AB in Hyltebruk becomes new subsidiaries.

Andon Robotics in Örebro and Svets & Robotteknik become new subsidiaries. Weland AB starts up a new brand under the name Weland Design.



Svetsexperten i Kalmar AB becomes a subsidiary.