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Product manual edition 6

Entrance gratings

Steel walkways

Wheelchair ramps

Storage equipment

Tag embossing press

Sheet metal working

Straight-flight staircases

Fire extinguish grating

Spiral staircases

Grating furniture

Custom Grating product sheet


Tag embossing press range

Instructions & guidelines

Load table Grating

Load table Plank type flooring

Load table Slit plank type flooring

Film Drop down ladder

Film Z-profile kerb angle frames assembly

Film assembly sectional railing with intermediate rail

Film assembly sectional railing with round bar

Film spiral staircase assembly

Film Sheet metal working

Instructions for goods reception, storage & care of wooden parts

Instruction manual Grid cleaner Type 4

Instruction manual Grid cleaner Type 6

Instructions for installation and use Cantilever rack

Installation instruction Steel walkway Flex

Installation instructions Anti-slip protection for grating

Installation instructions Wheelchair ramp

Installation instructions Plank type flooring LDH, LDT, LDS & LDP

Instructions for installation and use Pallet rack

Installation instructions Sectional railing

Assembly Instruction Protective cage - Cage Frame

Assembly instruction Quarter-circle Protective cage

Assembly instruction Full-circle Protective cage

Assembly instruction Protective cage Tubecage

Installation instructions Spiral staircase

Assembly & Instructions for Use, Pull-out Unit 600 kg

Assembly & Instructions for Use, Pull-out Unit 1000 kg

General care and maintenance instructions

Step template Spiral staircases

Cross-section data Sigma beams

Assembly instructions Fixing for grating

Film steel walkway Flex assembly


Fire-resistance rating

Building Product Declaration

ISO 9001 & 14001

Environmental policy

Sustainability Report 2020

Code of conduct

Design help

Design help sectional railing Stp-file

Drawing Protective cage Quarter-circle

Drawing Protective cage Full-circle

Drawing Protective cage Staircase enclosure

Order forms

Ordering form Wheelchair ramps

Order form Straight-flight staircases

Order form Spiral staircases