Spiral Staircase, 20 steps per revolution

Product Family: Spiral Stairs
Product Group: Escape and Industry
Published: 2019-11-05

Weland staircase with 20 steps per revolution, available in radius from 800 to 1400 mm. 

Weland has a wide range of spiral staircases for both exterior and interior environments that suit many different types of properties and buildings. Spiral stairs are suitable for evacuation, industry, public environments, offices, shops and homes and can be used as an industrial staircase, evacuation staircase or general access staircase. With its flexible design, the spiral staircase is a modern architectural detail that either blends into the environment or creates an exciting eye-catcher. A spiral staircase is very space-saving and space-efficient as it requires minimal floor space. This makes the spiral staircase a square-smart solution for all environments. Weland offers Swedish-made spiral staircases for both indoor and outdoor use that meet the requirements for quality, durability and safety. Thanks to a large number of stocked components, we can guarantee short delivery times.

Weland offers several different types of handrails for spiral stairs. Usually our supervisors are made of industrial stainless steel in a brushed untreated version with a diameter of 42 mm. This type of handrail fits particularly well in an industrial staircase. We also have a wide range of wooden handrails with a diameter of 50 mm. A wooden handrail is mainly used as an extra handrail. Weland can also equip the spiral stairs with an inner handrail.

Weland spiral staircases consists of four main components, railings, handrail, stair treads and landings. All components are available in many different versions to suit your particular environment and preferences. Thanks to the small bottom area, the spiral staircase, as a rule, saves space and can be adjusted to your circumstances. Thanks to a simple design, it is also easy to assemble.

Our spiral staircases for outdoor use are hot dip galvanized as standard. In our own plant, the spiral staircases are surface treated to withstand great of stress and activity. The method provides a very robust protection against corrosion. We also have modern painting shops at our disposal and can be deliver spiral staircases for all environments in most colours.

To increase the safety and accessibility in the staircase, we offer a number of extra accecssories to simplify these aspect.

Staircase radius: 800 - 1400 mm
Tread depth along path: 173 - 361 mm
Recommended riser height: 155 - 220 mm
Stair treads made of gratings
Railing made of galvanized steel hoops
Handrail made of stainless steel

See technical descriptions for calculation and more information

Main Material: Hot-dip Galvanized
Secondary Material: Stainless steel
Designed In: Sweden
Manufactured In: Sweden


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Product Family: Spiral Stairs
Product Group: Escape and Industry
Published: 2019-11-05